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The world's most advanced 4x4 solo recovery device | TRED

The world's most advanced 4x4 solo recovery device | TRED


TRED Pro™ is the world's most advanced and highly engineered all-in-one off-road vehicle recovery device, specially designed to get your four-wheel drive, ATV and equipment out of trouble when traction is lost in sand, mud or snow.

EXOTRED™ - Patented dual composite construction for ultimate durability

  • TRED Pro ensures that in the event that your wheels spin during a recovery, the ramp/teeth will not suffer instant catastrophic damage
  • Nylon material blend TRED Pro's can handle high levels of flex, are highly durable and wear resistant
  • The mix of elasticity and tough rigid design in the main body means that your TRED Pro’s maintain a high level of pressure on your tyre to provide ultimate traction

SIPE-LOCK™ – Patented Grip Profile For Ultimate Traction

  • The new TRED Pro features a unique patented grip profile, specifically engineered to engage with the one common denominator in most tyres, the water evacuation channels on the outer edges, these channels are called sipes, we call it SIPE-LOCK™
  • This feature makes TRED Pro the ultimate in traction for recovery devices
  • By creating a database of the worlds biggest selling off road tyres we were able to use real data, dimensions and tread patterns to optimize our design more so than any other recovery device of this type in history
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TRED 1100

Engineered and manufactured in Australia from only the highest quality materials, TREDs are designed to handle intense levels of torque, flex, weight and impact.

  • The TRED 1100 is the original product made in one piece
  • Engineered and manufactured in Australia
  • Designated shovel feature
  • Extreme hex grip nodules
  • Aggressive ramp entry teeth
  • Ultimate wear resistant properties
  • 1100mm long
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