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Redback x Tunit Easter Promotion

Redback x Tunit Easter Promotion

Redback 4x4 & Redback 4x4 Extreme Duty

In order to boost interest in our 4x4 exhaust systems & to highlight the fact that we sell Tunit Chips, Redback has a promotion leading up to Easter offering any customer the ability to add a Tunit Chip to their purchase with a Free Power Pedal throttle controller.



The deal is as follows:

For any Redback 4x4 / Redback 4x4 Extreme Duty exhaust system purchased until 22nd April, a retail customer can add a Tunit V-CR Diesel Chip (RRP $1280) for $1100 incl.GST with a Free Tunit Power Pedal (RRP $325) included.*
A Tunit Power Pedal is a throttle controller that improves the responsiveness of a vehicle.

For further information or to place an order, please call SWD on 1300 669 122.


*Exceptions: This promo only applies to common rail vehicles and excludes Ford Ranger PK 3.0L, Mazda 3.0L & Holden Colorado RC 3.0L models as they are not compatible with throttle controllers.